Patients First
The patient experience is one that is essential to the condition of the healthcare system. 
At Patients First we looked to identify the what, why and how patients feel in order to understand and know how they navigate their health in order to further assess on how we can improve their overall patient experience. This project was created academically as a UX Research assignment - I took it a step further by going into the UI for the platform.
Our initiative was created to improve communication between patients and doctors through a platform that allows for patients to insert detailed feedback on their medical experiences.
Great, how did we get here?
The Design Thinking Method
Problem Space

The lack of Patient-Doctor communication leaves patients feeling unheard, which in turn causes them to lose trust within the healthcare system, take health matters into their own hands, or worse, prolong treatment causing illnesses to worsen. 
Patients seek medical help oftentimes and leave a doctor’s office with their concerns unresolved or even ignored.
Understand & Empathize
Researching to understand the users
To validate our assumptions and gather insights from what the current state of the Patient Experience is, we gathered Qualitative and Quantitative data, conducted User Interviews and gathered Secondary Research 


Viral hashtag that created an uproar on Twitter reflecting the dismissive nature of Health Care Physicians
Through our research insights we narrowed our focus on 3 key findings

Then we started to brainstorm on...
Talking to the People
We interviewed 3 participants and broke our key takeaways into Pains, Motivations and Behaviors focusing on 3 interview themes: 
Patient Value
 Past Medical Experiences
 Patients Independency

Insight Statement
Patients want to be valued, listened to, and know that they are cared for by the people who have to care for them.

From here, we were able to build out our Persona. 
Meet Jesse.

Using our persona, we started to imagine her journey and her frequency of booking appointments. 
This led us to the development of our user stories where our primary epic was focused on Booking Appointments

Using our primary User Story, we built a Task flow enabling our user Jesse to efficiently book an appointment

We grabbed our sharpie markers, our ideas, and our papers and began drawing prototypes. 
We wanted the booking process to be simple and straightforward - but as we began designing, we realized we left out a MAJOR part of our initiative.
Once our final sketches were complete we went on to creating greyscale wireframes in Sketch. We made quite a few iterations of screens… but the most dramatic change was on the Home Page after prioritizing points from our usability tests.
Once we gained insights from our usability tests, we proceeded to begin the UI process by gathering inspiration for the mobile app. 
We researched both in and out-of-category inspiration. We wanted the app colors to be tranquil in a sense, welcoming the users and enabling them to feel at ease

Final Prototype

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