Expedited Auditing
Our proposal in response to the Zappos RFP had to be delivered within 7 days. With that fact in mind, our team had to move quickly. 
We had our internal kick-off meeting to align on the expectations and ask of the client and with that information and additional documentation, I along with other members of our Experience Design team were able to jump right into auditing. 
We began auditing their current experience along with the list of competitors they provided to us. We put our minds together and through Figjam work-sessions we began brainstorming on what the future of best-in-class customer service experience is and how that can come to life through a digital experience.

See some of our insights and key call outs below:

By ways of putting our brains together, looking through to the landscape and researching best practices of e-commerce checkout experiences, we were able to identify quick wins that would improve their overall shopping experience.

The team and I narrowed in on a few key questions to begin jotting our ideas down on what the future is of best-in-class customer services experiences and how we can provide users with that. 

One of the most enjoyable parts of this project was researching heuristics across Baymard guidelines. I created a document that outlined key parts of the checkout experience such as the "add to cart" behaviors, user confirmations, user interface and more, mapping it to the Zappos experience to see how/if it aligned to those heuristics, how essential it was and how it could be improved. This helped me to narrow in on the specific moments within the current cart and checkout flow to see where it needed to be optimized within the user journey. 

Have a look at the example document below. 
Identifying Quick Wins
Through auditing, research and brainstorming new conceptual ideas. 
We identified 4 guiding principals that we believed would transform the experience. 

1. Strengthening the Cart
- Improving the overall checkout form and design. 
- Providing users with the initial value of creating an account and clarifying confirmation throughout checkout process in order to eliminate any confusion. 

2. Expert Fitting
- Leveraging new technology to define the future of best-in-class customer service
- Replicate the personification of the in-store fitting experience with virtual functionalities. 

3. Connected Recommendations
- Using user data, serve users with personalized recommendations that save time through product suggestions
- Make recommendations feel hand-picked and personal, developing the consumer-to-brand relationship

4. Timely Content for Reengagement
- Maximize opportunities for re-engagement post-purchase
- Create more targeted follow-ups that add value and integrate content and commerce to re-engage users into the funnel.
It was now time to shift gears and begin ideating on all of our findings. I worked closely with our Interaction designer in order to create ideas that communicated our design concepts.

Take a look at our concepts below. 
Winning the Work
In closing, the exciting news is that with our response to the RFP we were able present our concepts and win the work. ​​​​​​​

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